In 2016, First Presbyterian Church supported locally:

  • Mt. Pleasant Life Care Fund
  • Middletown Heroin Summit
  • Support for families at Rosa Park Elemetay School
  • SHALOM (winter rotating shelter for people who are homeless)
  • Big Borthers and Big Sisters
  • Abilities First Foundation
  • Safe Haven Farms
  • One Way Farm
  • Kirkmont
  • Young Life

In 2016, First Presbyterian Church supported globally:

  • Outreach Foundation
  • ILAM
  • Heifer Foundation
  • Tandana Foundation

Mission projects that we operate:

  • Kindergaten Readiness Program is designed for families who can not qualify for Head Start but still cannot afford pre-kindergarten programs. The program is free to families and funded from our mission budget. It meets three mornings a week during the school year in the church.
  • The FISH Fund provides emergency medical, utility, and agency assistance to members of our community. For assistance, call the church office on the first business day of the month.
  • We distrubute packed weekend lunches at Rosa Parks Elementary School each week.